Quality System

Company quality policy and environmental protection objectives


Quality policy: quality assurance is everyone's responsibility, good quality and customer satisfaction

Environmental protection policy: comply with laws and regulations, prevent pollution, and continuously improve green products

Quality objective: the feedback rate of customer complaints is 100%, and the one-time acceptance rate of finished products is more than 98%

HSF Objective: the HSF pass rate of incoming inspection is 100%, and the customer complains about HSF nonconformities every month.

Occupational health and safety policy and EICC policy

Occupational health and safety: safety first, prevention first, full participation and strengthened supervision
EICC policy: protect workers, respect human rights, public trust, harmonious return to society
Pay attention to health, cherish life, focus on prevention and reduce risks

Company's environmental policy and environmental objective environmental policy: people-oriented, scientific management, energy conservation and consumption reduction, pollution prevention, environmental protection, continuous improvement, collaborative operation, customer first
Environmental objectives: from the perspective of the enterprise itself, continuously advocate all employees to save energy, prevent pollution, and actively strive to continuously protect the earth's environment.

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